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International sanctions

Our bank is not only a participant in international relations, but also part of a large international holding company Freedom Holding Corporation. Therefore, we strictly and fully comply with the prohibitions and restrictions of the sanctions of the United Nations, the European Union, the United States and other leading countries of the world.

Types of sanctions restrictions that we follow:

Restrictions for certain individuals

Prohibition of cooperation, asset freezing

Sectoral sanctions

Restriction on operations in a certain sector of the economy

Territorial sanctions

Restriction or prohibition of conducting operations with a certain country or territory

We strictly comply with international sanctions, including those under EU 14114 of the US President, and inform our clients of the need to avoid dealing with persons and organisations from sectors of the economy that make up Russia's military-industrial complex (MIC). Our goal is to ensure that all of our clients fully understand and comply with these requirements in order to maintain international security and stability.

What actions we take

Check every customer before providing them with our services

We thoroughly screen each potential client for compliance with international sanctions norms and check their affiliation with the Russian military-industrial complex. If any matches are found, an additional manual check is carried out, and until we are satisfied that the client is not on the sanctions lists and has no ties to the MIC, no relationship is established with such a client.

Check all customer transactions

All operations and client transactions which are sent to or received from abroad are checked by all parameters:

Sender and recipient

On the list of restrictions on certain persons, including persons related to the military-industrial complex, as well as citizenship of the countries under sanctions


According to the list of allowed operations into a chosen transactional direction


Subject to restrictions on the amount in the currency of the transaction


According to the list of permitted transactions in chosen currency and transactional direction

Purpose of payment

Ensure to check the purpose of money transfer. For instance, we validate whether a product/service for which a payment is being made is included in the list of prohibited goods for a chosen transactional direction of a given transaction

The origin of funds

Confirmation of the legal source of funds and the status of their belonging to a person

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